The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) is an important network in the field of Medical Oncology. It was born in Europe in 1975 and today professionals from all over the world are part of its team.

Humanitas Cancer Center has once again obtained the ESMO certification as a centre of excellence for Oncology integrated with palliative care.

The First Accreditation in 2014

“Our first certification came in 2014 with a validity from 2015 to 2017. Just four years after the birth of the Hospitalization service for Palliative Care”, explained Dr Laura Velutti, Referent for Simultaneous Cures and the continuity of care in Oncology by Humanitas. “Last winter, in a work that involved Cancer Center professionals at different levels, we critically reviewed the criteria that ESMO requires for this accreditation. Consequently, after paying attention to our processes, highlighting changes and implementations that had been consolidated in the meantime, we became valid candidates for renewal. At the annual ESMO Congress held in Madrid in September, Humanitas Cancer Center received the certification once again until 2020”, explains Dr Velutti.

The Overall Management of the Patient has been Rewarded

We are delighted with this accreditation. It is an important recognition to the goodness of the processes of the care and support of the patient and the caregivers.

“It also recognizes the commitment to updating staff at all levels, and integration with the various teams’ souls, from nursing students to oncology specialists and from social workers to nurses. However, we always keep in mind the contribution to the quality of our commitment given by our psychologists and volunteers, thanks to the fundamental support we have from Humanitas Foundation. It is also a recognition of the centrality that Palliative Care has in Italy. Our country holds the largest number of ESMO accredited centres for the integration of palliative care in oncology and we are proud to be part of this network”, concluded the doctor Velutti.