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Fibrocystic mastopathy: with a greater discomfort, it is better to wear a sports bra

January 1, 2018

Among the benign diseases that may affect the breast, we find fibrocystic mastopathy. This is a series of alterations of the breast tissue: ‘It is a benign dysplasia, which is an abnormal development of the breast very common in women, especially those between 30 and 50 years of age, and its origin is partly congenital and it is related to the different production of hormones in the various phases of the menstrual cycle, from puberty to menopause’, adds Dr. Angelica Della Valle, Humanitas senologist. ‘Any woman of childbearing age can manifest this condition and usually the symptoms disappear at the start of menopause. It is not serious and requires no special treatment, except those that can help alleviate the symptoms’.



Fibrocystic mastopathy, which ‘does not represent a risk factor nor increases the probability of breast cancer’, may affect one or both breasts and is characterized by the presence of different variations of the mammary gland tissue, such as, for example , the formation of cysts or the increase in connective tissue. “It usually occurs with pain during palpation and breast tenderness that can increase and be present only in the period before the menstrual cycle or always be constant’, emphasizes the specialist.



Although it can’t be considered a diagnostic tool, breast self-examination is a practice recommended to women in order to monitor their condition. It is exactly with self-examination that you can feel any changes in the breast tissue that will lead you to visit a specialist to evaluate the state of health of the breasts. Instead, the diagnosis ‘is made by the senologist during the senological visit; according to the patient’s age, instrumental examinations, such as breast ultrasound and mammography, will be prescribed’.

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Arnica for the pain

The treatment will vary according to the alterations found in the breast tissue, for example drainage in case of cysts or surgical removal of larger or suspicious nodules. Although there is ‘no real cure for fibrocystic mastopathy, there are some measures that can help’, says Dr. Della Valle:


‘Avoid to wear bras with underwire, preferring the sporty cotton ones during the most irritating moments;

Limit the intake of chocolate and coffee;

To reduce painful symptoms, you can apply arnica gel packs locally and take supplements with bromelain or vitamin E;

In moments of intense pain you can take painkillers such as acetylsalicylic acid and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs’.


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