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Fake nails: are they a danger to health?

September 25, 2018

Can artificial nails damage natural nails? In general, the practice of fictitious nail extension, using the many products on the market or by contacting specialist centers, does not pose a danger to health. However, it should be remembered that artificial nails could sometimes cause infections. Let’s see how to avoid them with Dr. Alessandra Narcisi, dermatologist at Humanitas.


Gel or acrylic nails?

The most common types of artificial nails are made of acrylic or gel. Gel nails require more work to be attached and professionals use ultraviolet light to do this. In this case, if the artificial nail is damaged and the natural nail grows, there may be cases of infections that occur even when the artificial nails are too long or rigid or when they are applied with hygienic tools, i.e. not properly sterilized. In these cases the signals that should not be underestimated will include redness, swelling and pus.


How to choose a nail salon

It goes without saying that it is important to have serious and prepared professionals. In particular, if you choose to apply artificial nails in a salon, you must minimize the risks by taking care to use only those salons that show a license with authorized technicians. It is also necessary for the staff to correctly sterilize all the instruments used during the treatment and to wash their hands between one client and another.


It is also essential that you always ask for a new nail file or bring your own nail file from home: nail files cannot be sterilized.


Every two or three weeks it is a good idea to let your natural nails “breathe” and if you suspect you have an infection, immediately consult a dermatologist to have the situation evaluated.

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