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Oily and mixed skin: the beauty-routine recommended by the experts

October 22, 2018

Those who have impure skin fight with blackheads, dilated pores and shiny skin every day, thanks to the pollution and makeup that we use every day, which does not allow the skin to breathe at its best.


The first step towards a brighter and more flawless skin is certainly daily cleansing. Dr. Alessandra Narcisi, dermatologist of Humanitas of the Dermatology Unit, spoke about it in an interview and gave some advice for the beauty routine.


“Washing your face well and removing makeup every day is important for all skin types: never go to sleep without first rinsing off your face smog, pollution and toxic substances that accumulate on the skin every day and without having removed your makeup,” explained Narcisi.

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Which products should we use to maintain the right balance between skin retention and hydration?


“The ideal product to use is cleansing milk: foaming products, in fact, are more aggressive with the skin and attack the hydrolipidic film that is essential to protect us from external agents and to regulate the production of sebum. Those with oily or impure skin can also use specific products and an astringent tonic,” explained the doctor.


Moreover, contrary to what one might think, even oily and mixed skin, despite the higher level of sebum, need to be hydrated: “specific sera and fluids are used, sometimes even in combined solutions. For example, astringent sera can be applied for enlarged pores and a lightly hydrating fluid that does not further fatten the skin,” said Dr. Narcisi, “combined with exfoliating and sebum-balancing treatments a couple of times a week” such as tonics or masks for the face.

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