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HMC Arese: a new outpatient clinic for diagnostic imaging

October 16, 2018

It uses the most modern diagnostic imaging technology, the latest generation equipment, equipped with radiant dose containment systems and it is directed by a team of professionals who offer the patient maximum availability even after the execution of examinations.


Humanitas Medical Care Arese is located inside the Il Centro di Arese Shopping Centre. Dr. Adriano Anzivino, an ultrasound specialist at Humanitas Medical Care in Arese, explained the characteristics of the outpatient clinic.


Ultrasound and X-rays with the latest generation of equipment


“At HMC Arese Imaging Diagnostics, all ultrasound examinations are performed, including: internal, musculoskeletal, gynecological, urological, cardiological, internal EcoColorDoppler and peripheral vascular ultrasound,” explains Dr. Anzivino.


The outpatient clinic also offers traditional radiology examinations and mammograms with the latest generation of equipment: the Selenia Dimensions mammography with the Tomosynthesis technique (Hologic), uses advanced reconstruction algorithms in order to provide a stratigraphic evaluation of the mammary gland (up to 25 image projections in a single acquisition, compared to only 2 projections of traditional mammography). This technology allows a three-dimensional study, which guarantees extreme diagnostic accuracy in the localization of small mammary lesions, higher than traditional mammography, especially when the glandular component is still very represented, as in young women. With exposure practically superimposed on traditional mammography, a much more accurate examination can therefore be obtained.


The center also offers orthopantomography of the dental arch


Arese Humanitas Medical Care also offers the possibility to perform orthopantomography, or traditional panoramic radiography of the dental arches, and the Cone Beam Computerized Tomography, a very advanced radiological technique that allows to obtain volumetric images of much higher quality than the classical methods. This examination is particularly useful in the field of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery in the planning of therapeutic procedures. Fundamental for the diagnosis of osteoporosis, for the estimation of the risk of fracture and for the monitoring of the response to therapy is the CBM (Computerized Bone Mineralometry), which can also be performed at the Radiology service of HMC Arese.

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Access, waiting times and services


“As far as ultrasound examinations are concerned – the specialist reports – they can be carried out with the National Health Service, with different waiting times depending on the urgency expressed by the requesting doctor, in private mode or, again, through an intermediate channel, which is called “institutional”, a sort of semi-private mode.


HMC Radiology in Arese is active every day of the week, from Monday to Friday until 9 pm, on Saturdays until 7 pm and on Sundays until 6 pm.


Only for ultrasound examinations carried out on a private and institutional basis, it is not necessary to have the red binding of the treating physician and the white binding of any specialist, while for all other radiological examinations they are necessary.


There are also direct and indirect agreements with the main bodies, funds and mutual aid societies, supplementary health funds and insurance companies, guaranteeing flexible timing and availability for specialist examinations and outpatient diagnostics, allowing the total or partial reimbursement of health services provided by the patient.


“On the reports we always indicate both the telephone numbers of the structure and the e-mail address, for any clarification or need of the patient – added the doctor. The latter is also followed in subsequent paths that may become necessary and addressed until the resolution of his problem. Many doctors working in the Arese office can also be found in the other Humanitas facilities where they operate and, therefore, the patient is never left to his own devices. This service is particularly important for people suffering from complex pathologies, for whom many diagnostic tests and specialist visits are necessary to reach a correct diagnosis, and who therefore risk discouragement and disorientation, representing a constant point of reference”.


Here are all the innovative machines


“From an ultrasound point of view, we have the most advanced machinery currently available, including GE Healthcare’s LOGIQ S8, which ensures very high diagnostic reliability. This latest generation equipment allows us to stem most of the traditional limits of ultrasound, especially in so-called ‘difficult’ patients from a structural point of view – said Anzivino. For the MOC we have the LUNAR PRODIGY device from GE Healthcare, used in most of the scientific work on the assessment of bone density through measurements at the lumbar, femoral or total-body vertebrae level, as required by the World Health Organization”.

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