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Phlebitis, did you know that sedentary work can provoke it?

January 1, 2018


It is mainly women who suffer from it, especially when they have to face a long journey or if they have a sedentary job. Phlebitis, a vascular disorder that mainly affects the lower limbs during periods of poor mobilization – explains Dr. Maria Grazia Bordoni, Humanitas Vascular Surgery Manager – can appear in people who spend many hours sitting at the desk or standing.


The pain that tends to increase manifesting along the vein, the presence of signs of swelling and redness, can affect both the most superficial and deepest veins and be associated with the formation of thrombi. In healthy subjects, it is possible to avoid the risk of a deep or superficial vein phlebitis, following some healthy habits such as getting up from the chair every now and then, doing some flexion of the foot and leg, walking a bit in the office or, during a trip, walk along the corridor of the plane or train and stop the car to “stretch the legs”. Also a good and constant physical activity helps to improve the blood circulation, which also reduces the chances of an inflammation of the vessels. In the case of forced immobility, however, which occurs due to trauma or intervention, the doctor will suggest the best prophylaxis that may include the use of elastic stockings and the administration of anticoagulant drugs in dose and specific modalities for each situation.

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