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Memory can be trained (from childhood) even at the table

May 7, 2018

The memory? It is also trained at the table. What we eat affects our minds and the functioning of our brains. Dr. Elisabetta Menna, researcher at Humanitas and the Institute of Neuroscience of the CNR, explains what foods to prefer to keep our ability to remember in shape.


Foods that are “friends” of memory


A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, along with physical activity and memory training through activities that stimulate mind and creativity, helps protect the functionality of our brain. But it’s important to start from a young age, even starting at the table. Blueberries, chocolate, vegetables, turmeric, whole grains, and nuts: these are some of the foods that are friends of memory. Turmeric contains curcumin, a powerful anti-inflammatory; walnuts contain unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3 and are rich in vitamins; chocolate, on the other hand, is a source of cocoa flavonoids, which are essential to preserve a good memory.

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The importance of prevention from an early age


Forget a name, don’t remember where you put your house keys or lose your sunglasses. These are very common surprises that can happen to everyone. However, it is advisable to be careful if they are prolonged in time and possibly talk to your doctor if you notice that forgetfulness occurs more frequently. This could be caused by stress and fatigue, but also by the onset of much more serious illnesses.


“We often talk about cancer and cardiology prevention, but we focus less on the prevention of our central nervous system, our brain, but it is just as important before we get to a stage of pathology where clearly you cannot do without drugs – said Dr. Menna. That’s why not underestimating signals, especially when it comes to young people, is very important and can make a difference.

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