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Orthopaedic surgery of the hip and knee, a new dedicated clinic

January 17, 2019

It represents another important ortho-traumatological reference centre for the citizens of Milan and for sportsmen in general, which ensures a diagnostic and treatment path for the main degenerative, traumatic and inflammatory pathologies of the hip. The new orthopaedic outpatient clinic dedicated to the hip and knee of Humanitas Medical Care in via Domodossola has just opened. It is managed by Dr. Riccardo Ruggeri, to whom we asked to illustrate the new service.

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Services provided and pathologies treated

The anatomical areas that are treated in the surgery are the hip and knee. The pathologies treated are mainly hip and knee arthrosis, femoral-acetabular conflict, meniscal lesions of the knee and lesions of the cruciate ligaments and cartilage. “This is where the first specialist examination, joint infiltration and post-operative checks are carried out to assess the clinical progress over time – explained the specialist -. It is important that patients with prostheses have not been neglected for many years but check the implant with X-rays every 3-4 years, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises”. The outpatient clinic provides patients with a diagnostic service: it is therefore possible to perform magnetic resonances, CT scans, X-rays, ultrasound scans. In addition, within the structure operates a medical staff of great professionalism and experience, formed by orthopedists, radiologists and physiotherapists who take charge of the rehabilitation in the gym and physical therapy (tecar, tens, laser). “Finally, I would like to remind patients that it is possible to carry out specialist visits and examinations at the Orthopaedics clinic both privately and with the National Health Service”.

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