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Low back pain, after an acute episode you can go back to running, true or false?

February 23, 2018

Those who love running struggle to rest their running shoes. Among the running and racing fanatics, however, some believe that after an acute backache attack at the lumbar level, returning to running immediately is a way of relieving pain. True or false? We asked Dr. Cristiano Sconza, specialist in orthopedic rehabilitation at Humanitas.


“False. After an acute low back pain episode, rest is a must – explains the expert. Only when the pain is no longer present can you program a gradual return to the race, first starting with walking and gradually increasing the speed, and then running according to the same scheme, initially at low intensity and increasing it gradually. Physical activity can and should therefore be discontinued during or near periods of acute pain and at low loads, particularly at the pain onset. The role of stretching before and after the race is also important, as well as verifying the type of running shoes that not only have to adapt to the foot of the runner but also to the type of terrain on which they usually run. If, despite rest and precautions taken, back pain persists, you should consult a specialist for evaluation and appropriate treatment”.

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