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Cycling, bending on the handlebar can hurt your back, true or false?

February 23, 2018


For cycling enthusiasts, this is the best time to get out to pedal. However, some believe that spending several hours on a bicycle, curved on the handlebars can hurt your back. True or false? Dr. Stefano Aglieri, sports physician of the Operational Unit for Rehabilitation and Functional Recovery at Humanitas, explains.


“False. The curved position that is assumed in cycling does not hurt the health of the back – says the expert. You don’t even have to worry if you experience back and neck pain after a bike ride. In fact, these are muscular annoyances due to the position that forces the cyclist to remain curved for hours on the handlebar of the bicycle. However, if the distance between saddle, pedals and handlebars in relation to the height of the cyclist is not correct, this can increase the back discomfort, neck and knee load. In fact, if the knee is exerted too much by the incorrect distance from the saddle to the pedal, the cyclist is at risk of being overloaded and inflamed. Therefore, to avoid muscular discomfort or inflammation, it is important to adjust the saddle to the correct height. To find out what height is adequate for their needs, amateur cyclists can turn to qualified bicycle dealers who generally have the basic knowledge necessary to help the cyclist to position the saddle correctly”.


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