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Breast cancer, do you know that a healthy diet reduces the risk of recurrences?

December 10, 2018

87% of theĀ  women defeat breast cancer, but it is important not to let their guard down even after recovery. To avoid recurrences, that is to say that the tumor returns – explains Dr. Andrea Sagona, breast-scientist of the Breast Unit of Humanitas Cancer Center – it is important that the woman follows a healthy lifestyle, as demonstrated by recent studies.

A healthy diet and regular physical activity are the cornerstones of the prevention of recurrences of breast cancer, but there are still few women who change their incorrect habits. In fact, according to data presented by Aiom (Italian Association of Medical Oncology) at the National Conference, the lack of attention to a healthy lifestyle after the diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, is likely to frustrate the important results that can be achieved today with increasingly effective therapies, such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy and immunotherapy, which allow the vast majority of women to survive the disease. Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer are still too little informed about the importance of not returning to bad eating habits, especially when it comes to diets rich in animal fats, such as red meat and butter. We know that a poor diet can increase the risk of cancer recurrence by 24%, while increasing the weight of 5 kg after diagnosis or treatment increases the risk of mortality by 13%. Therefore, together with the new treatments we have available to combat breast cancer, following a healthy diet is also important not only for the primary prevention of cancer, but also to prevent the return of the disease.

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