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Caffeine and aloe for slimming: do you know that they are not effective?

July 10, 2018

Caffeine and aloe, along with many other substances such as guarana, fucus, dandelion, fennel and pilosella, are the basis of many slimming products. These products – explains Dr. Elisabetta Macorsini, nutritionist biologist at Humanitas Mater Domini Castellanza and Humanitas Medical Care Arese. – are neither effective nor safe, as already stated by the Health Ministry in 2017, especially when combined.


Caffeine, aloe, guarana, rhubarb and other less known substances, combined together to create galenic preparations, i.e. made in pharmacies, have not been shown to be safe for the health of those who take them. As stated by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) and the Istituto Superiore della Sanità (ISS), not only is there no scientific evidence that these preparations are effective for slimming, but the combination of various substances considered harmless can lead to unpleasant side effects for those who take them. Finally, although these products have a slimming effect, they are not durable and you return to the previous weight when you stop taking them. The common desire of many to lose weight quickly and effortlessly has helped mitigate these products. However, to lose weight you need to change your lifestyle, combining regular physical activity with healthy eating habits by eliminating alcohol, sugary drinks, packaged products, junk food, and only breaking the rule from time to time. In this way you will have satisfactory results in every respect, without side effects and gain an overall well being of the whole body.

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