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Plate size and color help control portions

July 10, 2018

The secret of a correct and balanced power supply: It certainly depends on will power and knowledge of the basic principles that underpin healthy eating. Among these is portion control. In order to put it into practice effectively, it is therefore important to know all the tricks that can be used to prevent the scale from climbing up. The size and color of the dish can also help you eat less. We talk about this topic with Dr. Elisabetta Macorsini, nutritionist biologist at Humanitas.


The dimensions count at the table

Numerous studies show that it is possible to keep the amount of food we eat during meals under control by paying attention, trivially, to the size of the dishes. The larger the dish, the more we are led to fill it with abundant rations. And since we often don’t want to advance anything, as we have been taught as children, according to experts it could be useful to forget about dishes and glasses of normal size, preferring small dishes, such as those for salads or desserts.


Color contrast “breaks”

A study at Cornell University found that if the dish and its content are the same color, you tend to eat more.


In fact, the people at the buffet tend to serve 22 percent more compared to when the colors create a high contrast.


Slow chewing is the first and foremost action

First of all, chew. According to Xand van Tulleken, an Oxford University scholar, the secret to losing weight without too many sacrifices would all lie there. Those who chew about 35 times a bite eat up to 30 percent less than those who spend half the time chewing on the food before it is swallowed. In short, chewing is a safe, free and proven dietary “tool” that has no side effects.

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