You are reading Inflamed gums, did you know that traveling by plane can provoke them?


Inflamed gums, did you know that traveling by plane can provoke them?

January 1, 2018


Who is planning to travel by plane to reach the destination of the long-awaited holidays this summer must pay special attention to flying, as it can also affect the health of the mouth – explains Dr. Luigi Pellegrino, Head of the Dental Center of Humanitas Gavazzeni. – In fact, pressure swings can provoke an already existing inflammation of the gums or tooth pulp. Although it is a temporary and mitigating pain with the use of an anti-inflammatory or chlorhexidine mouthwashes, it can be very annoying to have a toothache on vacation.


Therefore, it is better to protect yourself with everything you need to keep your mouth clean and healthy, without forgetting:


To pack a travel kit with toothbrush and toothpaste, both being available in pharmacies and at the supermarkets, to maintain proper oral hygiene even when flying.

To pay attention to what you eat avoiding the most cariogenic foods, i.e. rich in sugar, which increase the incidence of diseases like caries.

To prefer raw vegetables and less cariogenic foods even while traveling.

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