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Humanitas Health recipe: Pumpkin cream with spicy prawns, a unique dish rich in antioxidants

March 7, 2018

Are you looking for a unique, light but nutritious dish, ideal when the climate is colder? Together with Dr. Manuela Pastore, clinical dietician of the Health Department of the Humanitas Clinical Institute, we discover the recipe for pumpkin cream with spicy prawns and crumbles of garlic and rosemary bread.


Pumpkin cream is a unique dish, rich in substances with important nutritional characteristics,” says Doctor Pastore. Pumpkin has a very low calorie intake but is rich in antioxidant nutrients such as beta-carotene, precursor of vitamin A, and vitamin C. The pumpkin is also rich in potassium, a precious mineral for muscle contraction and ability to counteract sodium retention.


This is how to prepare it:


Ingredients (for 4 people)

  • 800 gr clean pumpkin
  • 1 onion
  • About 1 liter of vegetable broth (or boiling water)
  • 8 prawns
  • 1 fresh chili
  • 50 g stale bread (or 25 g breadcrumbs)
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 3 twigs of rosemary
  • Extra virgin olive oil and salt
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Heat the vegetable broth and instead of using a dye you can easily use boiling water.


Clean the onion and cut it into slices roughly. Fry it in a pot until it turns brown with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Add a pinch of salt and fry over medium heat, turning occasionally for two minutes. If you see that there is no liquid you can add some broth.


Clean the pumpkin and cut it into cubes of about 2 cm each. Add them to the onion, stir, and add another pinch of salt and leave to flavor for another two minutes. Cover with hot vegetable broth or boiling water. Put as much liquid as necessary to lightly cover the vegetables. It is better not to exaggerate with the stock, it is easier to add a little later if we see that the consistency is too dense, rather than the opposite. Cook over medium to low heat for 15 minutes until the pumpkin is soft.


Clean the prawns by removing the shell, head and intestine by slightly cutting the back part with a knife and removing the dark filament.

Wash the chili pepper and cut it into small pieces. Heat in a pan two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and add the chili pepper, fry for 30 seconds and then add the prawns. Cook for about 1 minute per side so that they can be flavored and change color. Slightly salt and set aside.


Heat 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in a pan together with crushed garlic cloves and rosemary. After a minute, add the pieces of bread and season over low heat, stirring often for another minute and put aside.


As soon as the pumpkin is ready, remove it from the heat and blend. Adjust salt accordingly. Serve in a bowl with two prawns and bread toasts.

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