Again this year, for the seventh consecutive time, the Breast Unit of Humanitas has received the European Quality Certification Eusoma (European Society of Breast Cancer Specialist). This is a valuable recognition because it rewards highly specialized breast centers with high quality standards.

The Breast Unit of Humanitas, headed since its inception by Dr. Corrado Tinterri, has already obtained the first Eusoma certification in 2010, one of the first centers in Italy.

Eusoma evaluates the quantitative aspects of the service provided by the Breast Centre and monitors in terms of quality the path offered to the patient: from diagnosis to follow-up.


The strengths recognized to the Breast Unit of Humanitas

As Dr. Wolfgang Gatzemeier, Deputy Director of the Breast Unit of Humanitas, explains: “Our Breast Centre is classified by Eusoma as a Centre of Excellence and therefore this year the certification procedure has followed a more rapid formulation, also serving as a test bed for the new indicators that will be applied from next year”. In fact, in the future Eusoma will apply further evaluation parameters, with higher and higher objectives, aimed at guaranteeing ever better quality and effectiveness of the treatment”, as Elena Bissolotti, Senology Data manager, points out.

“The strengths that we have been recognized have been different – added Dr. Emilia Marrazzo, breast doctor of the Breast Unit – from the transparency in communications with the patient in terms of procedures and reports, for example, to the multidisciplinary clinical approach, which sees continuous collaboration and fruitful exchange between the different specialists involved in the entire process. Moreover, the attention to taking charge of the patient in a global manner, taking care not only of the aspects related to the disease, but also the person: the woman, her social and family life. Particularly appreciated in this sense were the two publications “Mom, I want you to be well”, dedicated to how to communicate the disease to their children and “The doubts of your partner”, which instead wants to be a help for partners who are facing the diagnosis of breast cancer with their partner.

“There is ample space in our work for education, communication and training for women. It is important for us that the patient is accompanied and supported in every step that the presence of breast cancer requires, but also that she is aware right from the start of the journey that awaits her, what her situation is and what treatment options may be best for her. A diagnosis of cancer changes many things in a woman’s life and we try to ensure that our patients are, although initially lost or frightened, increasingly aware and protagonists of their own path. The Breast Unit staff also tries to be a point of reference for every need and every question that may arise at such a delicate time in the life of a woman as the disease,” said Dr. Gatzemeier.


‘Paziente Diplomata’: Saturday 13 October 2018 is the new edition

“From the point of view of information, communication and awareness, the annual event ‘Paziente Diplomata’, the conference for women with and without breast cancer, which will take place on Saturday 13 October for the eighth edition, is very important for us. An initiative that was very appreciated by Eusoma, both for the day itself (which sees a real meeting between specialists and patients), because to prepare it we take into account the suggestions and requests that the participants have provided the previous year, and because – after the event – we make the content and videos of the individual interventions available, to reach not only the women who participated, but also those who were not present, in an effort to make communication and information regarding breast cancer increasingly accessible,” concluded Dr. Gatzemeier and Dr. Marrazzo.


To read the contents and see the videos of the seventh edition of ‘Paziente Diplomata’, click here.