You are reading “Weight loss does not help the prevention of breast cancer”, true or false?


“Weight loss does not help the prevention of breast cancer”, true or false?

April 12, 2018

Many women believe that losing weight has no relation to breast cancer prevention. True or false? Dr. Angelica Della Valle, a senologist from Humanitas, answers this question.


“False. The relationships between obesity, overweight and breast cancer are now evident,” says the expert. Until recently, it was thought that the only hormones responsible for breast cancer were those produced by adipose tissue in obese people. Today, we know that all body fat influences the development of female breast cancer, especially when there is an increased Body Mass Index. The adipose tissue has shown to have a role in the formation of molecules that stimulate the inflammatory process, thus creating a microenvironment favorable for the development of cancer cells including breast cancer. Avoiding weight gain and trying to maintain weight form is essential, especially during the menopause period, when the risk of developing breast cancer increases. Regular physical activity, a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are therefore important factors both for losing weight and for reducing the risk of breast cancer.


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