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Change of season, here’s why it’s important to fill up with vitamins and minerals

November 14, 2018

Anyone who wants to resist the change of season and temperature, overcoming the arrival of autumn without ailments, should remember that there are two factors that can really make a difference to our immune system: an active life and a healthy diet. With Dr. Maria Fazio, head of the Humanitas pharmacy, we talked about how to take the correct intake of vitamins and minerals with the arrival of the coldest seasons.


The “stress” of the change of season is fought with vitamin B

The excesses and binges of the summer must definitively be reduced. When autumn comes, if we want our bodies to be adequately prepared for temperature changes, we must pay double attention to the food we eat, as well as not missing a bit of motion and, as far as possible, life in the open air. To promote wellbeing you can use small devices, such as having lunch outside, at least as long as the climate allows it. It is also important to choose nutritious and energetic foods that provide the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs. Among these, the most useful are the B vitamins. In particular, vitamin B12 helps the immune system to function properly and contributes to red blood cell formation, while vitamins B2 and B6 help to counteract fatigue.

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Iron, potassium and magnesium

Iron, potassium and magnesium are the most useful minerals in the autumn season. The first helps to combat fatigue, while potassium is useful for the well-being of the brain and for the balance of blood pressure. Finally, magnesium helps to relieve muscle tension. To make sure you take these vitamins you need to enrich your diet with seasonal fruits and vegetables.


Moisturizing is important, even if it is no longer hot

Even if the temperatures are no longer those of summer, drinking a lot of water (at least 2 liters a day) continues to be important. In addition to water, you can help yourself with herbal teas and hot drinks, which in addition to moisturizing, help to warm the body and relax the mind.

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