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Healthy gut on vacation: how to maintain a good regularity?

June 11, 2019

We’ve been waiting for them for ten long months and now they’re really coming. Summer holidays, one of the most desired times of the year for both young people and adults, can be unexpectedly a “stressful” period for our bodies. In need of recreation and rest, the body on holiday breaks the routine. A very beneficial process from a psychological point of view that can, however, put a strain on our intestines, which instead love regularity. We talked about it with Dr. Beatrice Salvioli, gastroenterologist at Humanitas.


Holidays and change of habits: how to fix your gut

Meals consumed more at the restaurant than at home, dinners and lunches at times we are not used to, exotic foods, alcohol consumed more than necessary in convivial contexts. On holiday the intestine is put to the test by the many changes it has to face all at once and that can hurt it, causing symptoms such as constipation.

Among the many causes of this disorder, one to be particularly careful to is the correct hydration. In summer, in the heat, it is possible that without realizing it, you don’t drink enough. This can make it difficult to evacuate regularly. What to do then? The secret is in the diet.


Which foods to choose?

They are consumed all year round, but especially in the summer, fibers should be preferred. Rich in water, they not only moisturize the intestine, but also help to calm it and clean it of waste. In the morning it is a good idea to start the day with a glass of lukewarm water with a little lemon juice.

“The ideal breakfast should continue with yogurt and whole grains – continued the gastroenterologist -. Among the fruits rich in fiber, in addition to kiwi, we find fresh papaya, ideal in the morning. If you prefer something more traditional, bananas are also great”.


What foods to avoid?

Some foods, it must be said, are not really friends of the intestine and are responsible for swelling and inflammation. Therefore, it is good to moderate the consumption of flour, bakery products and simple sugars, which are irritating. As for vegetables, instead of mega salads, it is better to prefer cooked vegetables, more digestible and assimilable. Also in the form of soups and velvety that can also be eaten warm in summer.

In the absence of the possibility of consuming these foods, during a trip abroad, also consider the possibility of consuming soluble fibers available in pharmacies.

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