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Being barefoot is good for your mind and body

June 11, 2019

Forced into heels and toes, closed for more than 8 hours a day in shoes that were not always particularly comfortable, the human feet passed away when civilization did not yet force them to wear shoes. We talked to┬áLorenzo Virelli, a specialist in physical and rehabilitative medicine at the Ortho Center of Humanitas, about the unhealthiness of some shoes and how to care for our feet. He said that “the human foot was born to be barefoot and the use of shoes, especially if uncomfortable, weakens it”.


The feet: born to be barefoot

The feet were born to be barefoot. Fads are the first cause of those beautiful but uncomfortable shoes which women in particular insist on wearing. With heels the foot leans badly and “works” even worse, without ensuring the necessary stability to the spine and the whole body. He is also supported by Daniel Lieberman, president of the Harvard Department of Evolutionary Biology and author of some studies on the use of shoes and the effect on human feet.

According to Lieberman’s studies, our extremities are becoming weaker and weaker with shoes.


Children should be free to stay barefoot

Unjustifiably considered unimportant, the foot is an extremely complex part of the body. Composed of 100 tendons, ligaments and muscles, 26 bones and 33 joints, this incredible structure works best when it comes into contact with the ground. So, as soon as possible, you’re free to go barefoot. Especially for children, who need to further develop this part of the body. Even psychologically, being barefoot gives a great sense of freedom that leads to mental as well as physical well-being: by creating a natural massage, direct contact with the ground also stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation.

“Walking barefoot, unless there are ongoing pathologies or specific problems, does not present any contraindication – said Virelli -. Those who have healthy feet should do so as soon as possible to also improve balance and posture”.

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