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“United against pancreatic cancer”: Humanitas hosts a conference on prevention

November 21, 2018

On the occasion of the World Pancreatic Cancer Day, Humanitas organized a conference that saw the collaboration of the hospital and the Patients’ Association Code Viola. To talk about prevention at the event “United against pancreatic cancer”┬áthere are experts, specialists and patients, gathered in the Congress Center of Humanitas on November 15, from 14:30 to 17:30. Professor Alessandro Zerbi, Head of the Pancreatic Surgery Unit, explained the importance of the event.


An opportunity to talk about treatment pathways

The event will be the right opportunity to talk about the paths of diagnosis and treatment, genomics, nutrition as cancer prevention and the evolution of research, as well as giving voice to patients, their experiences and their questions. During the afternoon, in fact, several doctors from Humanitas and other hospitals will take part. Some patients will bring their testimonies in the fight against pancreatic cancer, the fourth cause of death from cancer in Europe to date.


According to new research, the incidence of this disease is set to increase, becoming the second most common cause of death in the coming years. Despite this, 64% of Europeans are virtually unaware of the disease and research into these studies has only received 2% of European funding.

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The importance of the event

“Events such as the World Day and how this initiative in Humanitas – explained Prof. Zerbi, in charge of the Operational Unit of Pancreatic Surgery – aims to increase people’s awareness of this issue, to improve knowledge about early symptoms and promote greater sensitivity.

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