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Diet after childbirth: tips to get back to the right weight

June 11, 2019

Post partum is a very delicate period in the life of the new mother, both from a psychological and a physical point of view. For some women it is also a critical period for what concerns the weight and the physical form to be recovered. If during pregnancy the weight increase was excessive, for the new mother, all taken from the needs of the newborn, losing the accumulated kilograms can be difficult and tiring. In this sense, the help of a specialist who can suggest the correct dietary style can help. We talked about this with Dr. Stefania Della Ventura, a specialist doctor in Food Science.


Losing weight after childbirth

Here are some tips for providing the right amount of nutrition to both mother and baby, recovering physical fitness and improving the mood of the new mother.

Breast-feeding is also a precious moment for the mother

Breastfeeding is the best way to lose calories without effort, as well as to feed the child in a complete and psychologically satisfying way for him, starting to build the interpersonal relationship that is created in the first months of life of the newborn. “The energy and nutrient requirements in the post-partum period change depending on whether the new mother is breastfeeding or not – said Dr. Della Ventura -. In the first case it will be easier to lose the accumulated kilos because breastfeeding increases the energy expenditure of the mother”.

Don’t miss out on protein and hydration

During pregnancy, taking the correct amount of protein, contained in meat, fish, legumes and eggs, is particularly important for the mother but also for the newcomer: during breastfeeding, in fact, the need for protein increases.

It is also good to maintain proper hydration: many liquids are lost in large quantities during breastfeeding.

Omega 3 and “good fats”

“As far as fats are concerned, it is important to have an adequate intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega 3 series, contained in fish that live in the cold seas – said the specialist -. Particularly indicated are mackerel, sardines and anchovies”.


A balanced diet contrasts post partum depression

It is important to remember that a correct diet also has a positive influence on the psyche, and this is particularly relevant in a period of life in which depressive symptoms may occur: “A balanced diet and a correct intake of micronutrients can improve mood during the delicate period of post-partum, concluded the specialist – also helping to prevent or counteract the onset of this disorder”.

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