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Breakfast: here’s how to make it when you’re in a hurry

May 23, 2018

How much time do you spend having breakfast every day? Most people don’t dedicate more than 10 or 15 minutes to the most important meal of the day and what they lose is the quality of their diet. Usually, we are in a hurry to go to work or school and breakfast is considered an unimportant moment so that some people even skip it or just drink a coffee. Let’s see how to have a balanced breakfast even when we are in a hurry together with Professor Daniela Lucini, head of exercise medicine at Humanitas.


How to prepare a “super fast” breakfast

While it would be important for each one of us to dedicate our time and patience to make breakfast, this is how we can make up for the lack of time without making the wrong food choices in the morning.


Whole grains: Whole grains have a fiber content of more than 10%. They can be eaten cold in milk. Most of these breakfast preparations are enriched with vitamins and minerals, but many of them contain large amounts of sugar. Then choose high-fiber cereals with less added sugar along with 1/2 cup of milk (preferably semi-skimmed). You can then complete your breakfast with a slice or two of whole meal bread with a veil of jam with no added sugar.


Partly skimmed milk, yogurt or lean ricotta: Lean ricotta or yoghurt add proteins that contribute to the sense of satiety, especially if oilseeds, including linseed, are added.


Smoothies and fresh fruit: A good solution is also fresh fruit, which can be in the form of squeezed 100% juice. If you like dense and tasty fruit smoothies with fresh fruit, milk, water or juice, keep them present for breakfast. To increase the nutritional power of the smoothie, add a little linseed oil or ground linseed and a little white yoghurt. Healthy fats and proteins combined with fruit fiber will help you feel fuller for longer. Avoid commercial fruit smoothies or juices that are full of sugar and artificial flavors.

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