Swimming is the most recommended sport for children

February 5, 2019

One of the most recommended sports for families when asking what sport is good for their children.
Swimming, the ultimate exhaust training, is often the first sport practiced in a systemic way. Let’s see why this activity, if the child likes it, is preferable to many others. We talked about it with Dr. Stefano Respizzi, a specialist in physiatrics and sports medicine at Humanitas.


Harmonic wellness of the joints

Swimming is a sport of “unloading”, which means that the joints are not overloaded when practicing it because the buoyancy changes body weights and volumes. The other positive element is that the movement takes place in a harmonious way. Cardiopulmonary work is combined with that of the arms and legs.


A movement within everyone’s reach and without contraindications

Moreover, swimming does not require major investments: public facilities are widespread in all towns of a certain size and the equipment needed is virtually nothing, just a swimsuit and goggles.


False myths

There’s no doubt that swimming is good for your health. There are, however, diseases that it is not able to cure or correct. It is false, for example, that it can cure scoliosis.

On the other hand, there are no contraindications to the practice of this sport: not even suffering from asthma. The only limitation could be that of a chlorine allergy, which would cause redness on the skin.


Lack of playfulness

Although children consider it fun to be in the water, so much so that it is often difficult to persuade them to separate themselves from the sea, swimming lacks the playful aspect. It’s not a team sport. Even if you practice it in a group when you are new, you are alone and socialization is minimal. He therefore lacks the aspect of fun that can be indicated for children. That’s why it would be good not to force young people who do not show interest or pleasure in practicing it.

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