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At dinner with: Marco Bianchi’s appetizer: extra virgin olive oil for intestinal wellbeing

January 1, 2018


At dinner with…”Marco Bianchi and the specialists of the Humanitas Hospital met for dinner. The scientific communicator of Veronesi Foundation has involved Professor Silvio Danese, gastroenterologist, and Dr. Luca Malvezzi, Otolaryngologist, behind the stove, for the evening event that took place yesterday, January 23rd at the restaurant “God Save the Food” in Milan. The dishes served in the course of “At dinner with…” were designed by the health chef and prepared in collaboration with the two doctors of Humanitas.


To open the menu “La Nazionale”, a tris di bruschette with three sauces that recall the Italian flag: peas and mint mousse for green, cannellini bean pâtés and capers for white and a Mediterranean sauce with tomatoes for red.


Among the protagonists of the evening, present in this succulent appetizer, the extra virgin olive oil, inevitable in the diet of those who want to protect the health of the intestine, explains Professor Danese, head of the Centre for Intestinal Chronic Inflammatory Diseases at Humanitas and professor at Humanitas University: “Olive oil is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Thanks to its components, including vitamin E and polyphenols, antioxidants, it also helps to reduce the formation of pro-inflammatory molecules.


Find out all the ingredients and how to prepare Marco Bianchi’s bruschette tris:



18 slices of homemade whole meal bread (rye, multi-cereals, etc)


Peas and mint mousse


250g of frozen peas

50g of fresh goat’s cheese

15 fresh mint leaves (leave 6 mint aside)

a couple of spoons of water

25ml of extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper


Patellos cannellini capers


250g of boiled cannellini beans

50g of pickled capers (leave 6 capers for decoration)

50ml of water

25ml of extra virgin olive oil


Mediterranean sauce


250g of tomatoes, sub-subside dried and rehydrated in water or in oil (1 julienne cut dry tomato, 6 strips to be kept aside)

100ml tomato sauce

15g of cane sugar

a pinch of dry oregano

30g red onion

25ml of extra virgin olive oil



Taste the bread and in the meantime prepare the tricolor sauces.


Mix all the ingredients with an immersion blender or kitchen mixer until you get a velvety mousse substance.


Place the three bruschetta per person served with the three sauces and decorated respectively with mint for peas mousse, capers for cannellini and dried tomato for the Mediterranean sauce.

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