Who can undergo this type of examination?

This examination is available to all young women over the age of 30, who want to learn and know about the beginning of a comprehensive process of periodical prevention. Specifically this route of complete prevention is dedicated to women up to the age of 40 years, focusing especially on clinical breast examinations and gynecological health. This is an important decade for preventing health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and many types of cancer later in life.

Common health concerns that women in their 40’s may have include:

  • Stress: There are many factors that can affect a woman’s stress level, such as their career, family, finance, and other obligations such as taking care of your children.
  • Blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, hormocoysteine levels, resting heart rates: these may indicate of a heart problem that is more likely with increases age, and hence increase your chances of several serious medical conditions
  • Miscarriage: the chances of having a miscarriage increase when the patient is over the age of 35
  • Blood glucose: diabetes is a significant health problem, which increases with age.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI): a healthy level of BMI is important with increasing age.
  • Osteoporosis: Peak bone mass gradually declines when you are in your 30s, and thus increases your risk for bone loss.
  • Anxiety and depression: Changes of mood are normal with increasing age, however extreme anxiety, loss of interest, loss of energy, and an inability to experience pleasure can all be significant health problems
  • Pregnancy: there is greater difficulty in initially conceiving a child.
  • Chronic pain: The risk for arthritis, back pain, and other painful conditions such as that of tendonitis increase with age.


Why undergo this type of examination?

Prevention is a valuable ally to our health, and periodic inspections are an exceptional for of prevention. Humanitas cares for the health of our patients, and promotes prevention through our clinical breast and gynecological prevention program: using noninvasive and the most modern and latest technology, as well as using the expertise of a multidisciplinary team of specialist to help provide the greatest possible prevention for our patients.

  • Highly-qualified doctor on immediate disposal.
  • Instant results at the end of all examinations.
  • Instant results at the end of all examinations.


When to undergo this type of examination?

The course is available every day, from Monday to Friday. It has a duration of 2 or 3 hours.


What does this type of examination entail?

The examination includes:

  • Mammography
  • Ultrasound of the breast
  • Clinical breast examination
  • PAP test
  • Gynecological examination

Additional tests include:

  • Transvaginal ultrasound
  • Path prevention cardiology (ECG and cardilogical examinations)
  • Blood tests


Choose your route:

  • Complete prevention in women less than 40 years
  • Complete prevention in women less than 40 years and prevention of heart problems
  • Complete prevention in women less than 40 years and prevention of heart problems including blood tests.
  • Include transvaginal ultrasound examination