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  • Travelling to Humanitas: everything regarding hotels, directions on reaching the Hospital, and more;
  • Frequently asked questions.

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Travelling to Humanitas

Partnered Hotels

Humanitas holds pricing agreements with the following eight hotels. To book a room in one of them, please contact your International department representative.

Hotel Address Phone number
RESIDENCE EXCEL MILANO3 NEXT Via Sardegna, 7 – Pieve Emanuele +390282246091
GOLF HOTEL RESIDENCE via Martiri di Cefalonia, 13 – Opera +39025300561
HOTEL CASCINA MARISA Via Vigentina, 1 – Opera +390257600005
HOTEL FORUM Viale Lombardia, 64 – Rozzano +39028255460
HOTEL IL CASTELLETTO Via dell’Ecologia, 7 – Casarile +39029052940
HOTEL SBRANETTA Via Mincio, 24/26 – Rozzano +39028255789
RIPAMONTI RESIDENCE & HOTEL Via dei Pini, 3 – Pieve Emanuele +390290761
EXCEL MILANO 3 Piazza Marco Polo – Basiglio +3902907461

Other hotels in the vicinity

If you would like to consider other hotels in the Hospital’s vicinities, please consult the following list.

Hotel Address Phone number
ALLAGODEICIGNI Piazza Marco Polo 1, Basiglio +3903317505688
APPARTAMENTI DEANI Via Tevere/Via Serio, Rozzano +3903474119461
APPARTAMENTI ROZZANO Via Mincio 2, Rozzano +390296705553
B&B BORGO DELLE BETULLE Via Abruzzi 2, Fizzonasco +39002.90428832 – 335.1893959
B&B BOTTON D’ORO Via Verdi 212, Basiglio +3903737834142
B&B HUMANA Via Liguria 26, Rozzano +3903396653897
B&B IL GLICINE Via Renoncino 1/16, Basiglio +39002.90755074 – 348.8108159
B&B LA CORTE Via Adda 33, Rozzano +39002.57512686 – 339.6801607
B&B LA CORTE DEL RONCHETTO Via Pescara 56, Milano +390289302615
B&B LA PICCOLA TERRAZZA Via Ettore Bugatti 5, Milano +390393.7376699 – 02.89300509
B&B MILANO 3 Via Colombo 511, Basiglio +3903409128780
BORGO MANZONI CHARMING HOUSE Via Manzoni 108, Rozzano +39028252200
CASCINA GAGGIOLI Via Selvanesco 25, Milano +390257408357
DOMUS HOSPITALIS Opera Cardinal Ferrari, Via G.B. Boeri 3, Milano +39028467411
HOTEL GIARDINO Via dei Missaglia 14, Milano +390289503008
HOTEL PACIFICO Via Piave, 26 – Rozzano +39002.8259195 – 347.8576602
HOTEL ELY’S GROUP Via Liguria 5, Pieve Emanuele +390290429291
LA CASA DI TEDDY ONLUS Via Mahon 2, Milano +39002.311888 – 338.4004008
B&B IL GROTTINO Via Manzoni 109/79 +3903272210288
NH HOTEL Strada 2a, Milanofiori, Assago +390282221  +39913984661

How to reach Humanitas

You can reach Milan from Malpensa airport by taxi or by taking Malpensa express train to the Cadorna or the Centrale train station. To reach the Hospital from Milan, you should first reach the metro station Abbiategrasso (green metro line), from which you can take an Humanitas shuttle bus or a public bus 230. Both leave every 20 minutes and take 15-20 minutes to reach the Hospital.


Humanitas is equipped with six parking lots open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. You can consult the map and the prices below.





Parking time Price, all lots except lot 3 Price, Lot 3
1 hour 1,5 euro 3 euro
Additional 30 min NA 1 euro
Day 6 euro 15 euro

Where to pay for the parking?

You can find automatic parking payment machines next to Building 2, in the parking lot of the Emergency Department, in the square between Buildings 4 and 5, in the underground parking of Building 8, in the parking lot 15. A supervised desk can be found in Building 2, ground floor.


Humanitas can book airport transfer for you, with the cost equaling the cost of a regular taxi). If you are a radiotherapy patient staying in Milan, transportation to and from your hotel will be provided by the Hospital free of charge.

Milan sightseeing

Just a few of the most prominent Milan sights are: the Duomo Cathedral, Sforzesco castle in the Sempione park, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper, Pinacoteca di Brera art gallery, La Scala Theater, the Navigli channels, and the Garibaldi-Porta Nuova district.

Milan restaurants

Just a few restaurants that we recommend in Milan are: Trattoria de la Trebia, L’Angolo di Casa, and Loncada del Gatto Rosso in piazza F. Meda, Trattoria Milanese in the Navigli district.

Milan shopping

For shopping, you will not regret via Manzoni, corso Buenos Aires, and CityLife mall.

Frequently asked questions

How can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by emailing or calling +39 02 8224 6579.

Where is the Hospital located?

Humanitas Research Hospital, the main hospital in the Humanitas group, is located in via Manzoni, 56, in Rozzano, a small town 7 kilometers south of Milan, Italy.

Which medical specialisations do you have?

Humanitas has over 50 clinical specialties and an emergency department. We do not have pediatrics, obstetrics and maternity, psуchiatry, or an infectious diseases unit.

Do you treat children?

With the exception of pediatric orthopedics, we only treat patients above 16 years old.

Can I get a price estimate for my procedure?

Before you come to Humanitas, we will provide you with a cost estimate of your inpatient treatment or your outpatient visits. After your procedure (discharge in case of an inpatient stay), we will calculate the exact cost of your treatment to settle the balance accordingly.

Do you accept my health insurance?

We accept major health insurances: please consult the full list here. If you do not find your insurance in the list, contact us for inquiries.

Do I have to pay for my inpatient treatment in advance?

If you do not require a medical visa to come to Italy, you do not have to pay for your treatment before coming to the Hospital. Once you arrive, we will ask you to cover the estimated cost of your treatment (shared with you in advance) before your procedure. Upon your discharge, we will calculate the final cost and settle the balance in the appropriate direction.

What should I bring with me for an inpatient stay?

For your hospital stay, you should bring: an ID (passport), all your medical records translated to English or Italian, the list of medication you assume. Regarding personal items, you should bring comfortable clothing and shoes, pyjamas, white socks, slippers, toiletries. We do not recommend bringing large sums of money or valuable objects for your stay.

Can my family member stay with me in the ward room?

Yes, a family member can stay with you in the room for an additional 90 euros per night.

Will my ward room be single (private)?

All rooms for our private patients are single and equipped with a private bathroom and shower, a TV, a phone, and a safe.

At what hours of the day can my family visit me?

Normally, your family can visit you at any time, provided the visits do not interfere with your clinical procedures. Currently, however, due to the Covid-19 context, all visits are restricted.

How can I access/receive my medical records/reports after my viist/hospital stay?

In case of an outpatient visit, your medical report will be handed to you at the end of the consultation. In case of a blood test or a procedure, once the results are ready, you will be able to pick up the report from the Ritiro Referti desk situated on the ground floor of Building 2 or request its mailing (upon covering the costs of the shipping). In case of a personalised check up, a portion of your medical reports will be handed to you immediately, while the remaining ones will be mailed to you 3-4 weeks upon the check-up program conclusion. In case of an inpatient stay, your discharge letter, which summarizes your clinical history, procedures done during the stay, and recommendations, will be handed to you upon discharge. The detailed reports will be then prepared withing 2-3 weeks upon discharge and mailed to your address.

Will my Humanitas medical reports be in English or Italian? Is it possible to have them translated?

Your discharge letter (in case of an inpatient stay) and your check-up final report (in case of a check-up) will be translated into English free of charge. All other reports will be in Italian. If you wish to have your other reports to be translated or the reports translated in other languages, our partner agency can do so upon additional payment.

Do you accept payments in other currencies?

We accept payments in euro only.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa and Mastercard. If you have a card of another curcuit, please notify your International Office manager to ensure the possibility of payment.

Do you help with visa applications?

Generally, patients find it easier to obtain tourist visas to come to Italy. If you require a medical visa, however, we can assist you with your application by sending an invitation letter to the Italian consolate in your city. If you would like to apply for a medical visa, we will ask you to cover 100% of your treatment cost. Invitation letters are issued only in case of an inpatient treatment.

Do I get a refund in case my visa application is denied?

Yes, we provide a full refund (excluding transaction fees) if your visa application is rejected.

I do not speak Italian. What should I do?

All Humanitas physicians speak English. If you encounter a difficulty in navigating the Hospital or communicating with the medical personnel, you can reach out to the International Office staff, present at the Hospital within working hours, by calling +39 02 8224 6579 or by contacting the Office through the Hospital staff. If you require continous language support or support in a particular language other than English, Russian, French or Georgian, you can notify the International Office staff ahead of your arrival, and we will organise an interpreter for you.

Do the doctors speak English?

All Humanitas physicians speak English.

Which languages does the International department staff speak?

The International department staff speaks Italian, English, Russian, Polish, French, and Georgian and is at your dosposal within working hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) If you require an interpreter, please notify us, and we will organise one for you. The Hospital also has a phone translation service, available in 14 languages 24/7.

Do you have Whatsapp?

Currently, the International department can be reached via a phone call (at +39 02 8224 6579) or email (at only.

Do you provide a driver/ transportation?

Humanitas can book airport transfer for you, with the cost equaling the cost of a regular taxi). If you are a radiotherapy patient staying in Milan, transportation to and from your hotel will be provided by the Hospital free of charge.

I have to justify my absence from work, can the Hospital supply me with a certificate?

Absolutely. We will provide a certificate indicating the dates of your hosptial stay and, if needed, the length of the required recovery at home.

I would like to receive treatment through the Italian national health system, is it possible?

If you are in possession of the Italian national health card (tessera sanitaria), you can receive care in Humanitas as a public patient. Please contact +39 02.8224.8282 to book your procedures.