Who can undergo this type of examination?

Recognizing, treating and controlling allergies can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals who suffer from such immune responses. Humanitas LAB provides a useful diagnostic test for individuals who wish to assess their allergy condition and be provided with the best therapeutic strategy.


Why undergo this type of examination?

How can you recognize an allergic response from a common cold? Can you develop an allergic reaction in adulthood? Are antihistamines always effective?  


An allergy is an immune system condition characterized by a reaction brought on by particular antibodies against normally harmless substances. Most often early symptoms are not recognized, which is why it is important to find the right form of therapies as soon as possible in order to avoid developing chronic forms of that particular allergy.

Humanitas LAB, in collaboration with allergy specialists and pulmonologists, offers a path towards recognizing this problem in time and providing the best care as well as the most appropriate form of treatment.


What does this type of examination entail?


This examination includes:

  • Blood test: a sample of an individual’s blood taken via vein to help evaluate the main organs and provide useful information as to their function within the body.
  • Skin prick testing: a common allergy test used to determine an individual’s response to specific allergens (either food or inhaled substance).
  • Baseline Spirometry: a type of test used to diagnose and manage pulmonary disease
  • Allergy examination
  • Visit with an allergy specialist