The Thoracic Surgery Unit, together with the Abdominal Oncological Surgical Unit, the Radiotherapy and the Medical Oncology Unit make up the Department of Oncology, directed by Prof. Armando Santoro, at Humanitas Research Hospital.

The Thoracic Surgery Operative Unit, directed by Dr. Marco Alloisio, deals with all the cases requiring surgery of the chest area and carries out clinical and scientific work mostly in the field of primary and metastatic tumours of the lungs. More specifically it deals with the following:

  • treatment of lung cancer in advanced stage (N2-N3) after induction chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • the treatment of lung cancer (T4) extended to the great vessels and to the chest wall (T3)
  • the surgical treatment of lung metastases aimed at the complete removal of the secondary lesions, including using the most advanced surgical techniques such as laser, which allows radical tumour resection, otherwise inoperable
  • video-assisted thoracoscopy and minimally invasive access for all diagnostic situations in Thoracic Oncology, for all benign tumours of the lungs, mediastinum and oesophagus
  • video-assisted lobectomy in case of early stage malignant tumours through minimally invasive access
  • surgery of both malignant and benign tumours, where possible using a minimally invasive approach such as in cases of thymectomy for Myasthenia Gravis.
  • oesophageal surgery using combined cervical laparoscopic and thoracotomy approaches
  • corrective surgery of malformations of the sternum using both traditional procedures (Ravitch’s method) and using minimally-invasive procedures for pectus excavatum (Nuss’s technique).
  • video-assisted thoracoscopy for pneumothorax when the surgical approach is necessary
  • simpathectomy for axillary hyperhidrosis through two video-assisted thoracoscopic accesses
  • thoracic surgical endoscopy with rigid bronchoscopy in case of tracheobronchial obstructions and for tracheobronchial stent placement.

Humanitas Thoracic Surgery Operating Unit has always handled the diagnosis and surgical treatment of breast tumours as well as the treatment of all types of radical surgery including mammary resections with sentinel node biopsy, mastectomy involving the chest wall and lymph node dissection of the internal mammary system using a video-assisted thoracoscopic approach.
With the cooperation of the Plastic Surgery Operating Unit all types of breast reconstruction using implants, muscle flaps and lipofilling are performed.

Dr. Umberto Cariboni have carried out about 1000 major thoracic surgery operations by using minimally invasive techniques for lung cancer in the early stages (VATS lobectomy) and by cooperating with other departments in case of advanced stages lung tumours and of thoracic sarcomas (T4 vertebra, great vessels).

Working experience

  • 1994 – Medical student at the Surgery Clinics “Ospedale San Paolo”, Milan (Professor. G. Vincre)
  • 1998  Scholarship award holder from “Lega Italiana per la lotta contro i Tumori” (Italian Anti-Cancer Association). “The analysis of predisposing hereditary factors and genetic resistance to the development of tumours and the identification of molecular markers in prognosis” at “Thoracic Surgery Operative Unit, “Istituto Clinico Humanitas”, Rozzano (Professor G. Ravasi)
  • 2000 – Medical consultant at the Italian anti-cancer breast unit offices (LILT), Milan
  • 2003 – Medical assistant at the General and Thoracic Surgery Unit at “Istituto Clinico Humanitas” (Professor Gianni Ravasi)
  • 2008 – Thoracic surgery consultant at “Istituti Ospedalieri”, Cremona
  • 2008 – Tutor at the medical and surgery school at University of Milan, Milan
  • 2009 – Co-Surgeon at the General and Thoracic Surgery Unit (Multidisciplinary Group on Sarcomas) at “Istituto Clinico Humanitas” (dr. M. Alloisio)
  • 2009 – Thoracic surgery consultant at “Ospedale Galeazzi”, Milan
  • 2009 – Adjunct professor at the Medical and Surgery School at University of Milan, Milan


  • October 2015: Speaker at the “Lung Cancer and Minimally Invasive Surgery  Symposium”, Bucarest
  • February 2016: Speaker at the “Milan Workshop on Robotics in Thoracic Surgery and Thoracic Oncology”, Milan