Dr. Giovanni Covini is leading the team of Internal Medicine and Hepatology in Humanitas. His career  started at the University of Milan as a generalist and hepatologist, focusing his studies and clinical practice on chronic liver diseases and in the development of innovative therapies for viral hepatitis. PhD at The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, he spent three years to study immune response to cancer and identify new serological markers for the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.

His academic career started at the University of Milan as Adjunt Professor  in Medicine. He is a member of scientific societies with the task of talking part in study commissions to define guidelines regarding diagnosis and treatment of several medical diseases. He is currently working on basic research projects and clinical studies in co-operation with numerous centers.

The clinical activity is featured by medical treatment of the whole natural history of chronic liver diseases, from hepatitis to cirrhosis  and finally  liver cancer. Dr Covini is a referent of  highest complex patients  affected with liver diseases which have to undergo to paracentesis, percutaneous alcoholization of liver cancer, treatment of esophageal varices rupture, etc. etc.  Furthermore, Dr. Covini is head of Check-up Department, in which all the medical and surgical Units of the Hospital  work with out-patients. He has a  great experience to  coordinating the activity of all the specialists, and with his medical tutor function provides  the most innovative  therapies and  clinical support to the  patients.