Dr. Pierluigi Giorgetti Senior Consultant in Humanitas Research Hospital. After graduating in 1972 and getting the specialization in vascular surgery in 1977 in Milan University, he practiced cardiac surgery and vascular surgery under Sir Donald Ross and Sir Magdi Yacoub in National Heart Institute, London, UK. Before coming to Humanitas in 1997 he worked in Policlinic Hospital in Milan.

During long years of practice Dr. Giorgetti became expert in surgery of large arterial vessels (thoracic and abdominal aorta), surgery of the supra aortic trunks (carotid and subclavian), surgery of splanchnic vessels (liver, splenic and renal), arterial surgery of the lower limbs. 

He has performed over 4800 operations as the leading operator of which more than 4500 have been arterial surgery. In detail, over 1100 were abdominal aneurysmectomies, 200 thoracic aneurysmectomies, over 1300 operations on thesupra aortic trunks and over 1000 operations on lower limb arteries. He is contractor professor in Pavia University, member of SICVE Italian Society for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Italy and governing council member of Italian Board of Primary Vascular Surgery, Italy.