Humanitas is a highly specialized teaching and research hospital. Accredited by the National Health Service, Humanitas combines specialized centers for the treatment of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, neurological and orthopedic disorders, as well as an Ophthalmology Centre and a Fertility Center. The hospital is also equipped with Emergency and Radiotherapy areas.

The Italian Ministry of Health granted Humanitas the status “Research Hospital” (IRCCS) with a main focus on diseases of the immune system, ranging from cancer to rheumatoid arthritis.

Humanitas is considered one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in Europe. The hospital is equipped with:

  • The latest generation of linear accelerators that are used in radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer
  • Highly developed robotic instruments that are used in less invasive surgeries
  • The latest generation of lasers that are used in Ophthalmology
  • Systems (such as DoseWatch) that automatically collect and analyze patient radiation and iodine exposure
  • Imaging technologies such as CAT scans that are used in Neurosurgery

Humanitas believes that it is essential to unite organizational efficiency and clinical quality. For this reason, it was the first Italian general hospital and one of the few in Europe, to be certified for quality by the International Joint Commission (2002, 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015). Considered by Harvard University as one of the four most innovative hospitals in the world, Humanitas is a case study of the Harvard Business School for its organizational model, which combines economic, developmental and social responsibility.

The hospital promotes health care, early detection and prevention of diseases (primary and secondary prevention) through its outpatient clinics and its advanced and innovative services. It encourages a winning strategy for staying healthy by continuously promoting regular exercise and a healthy way of living. Humanitas has always played an active role in campaigns that highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Humanitas Research Hospital is the flagship of a hospital group also present in Bergamo, Turin, Catania, Castellanza (Varese) and Milan.


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