• 1990 – 2012 Hospital of San Gerardo in Monza, Italy
    He was engaged as a Neuroradiologist 
    He was the Director on highly specialised activities related to functional neuroradiology. 

    He was engaged in diagnostic autonomy, organization and management of any problem within neuroradiological outpatient, hospital and emergency context. 
    He is particularly interested in the field of functional neuroradiology, in research and experimental development of new applications also tied to technological advances and development of new protocols for use of MDCT (use of CT perfusion imaging in the field of vascular and urgency. He was involved in the study of the trachea in patients at high anesthetic risk) in paediatric radiology with particular reference to diagnosis and clinical management of rare diseases (consultant in the Outpatient Unit for metabolic diseases and in the Outpatient Unit for rare and genetic  diseases at the Hospital). He is also interested in the study of problems related to the cranio-cervical junction.