Medical and research areas


Medical areas of interest:

Neoplastic urological disorders (kidney, bladder, prostate, testicular)

Benign prostatic hypertrophy

Urinary calculi

Functional urology and urinary incontinence


Erectile deficiency

Infertility male

Urethral pathology


Interest research areas:

Cancer markers for early diagnosis of cancer of the prostate and focal cancer therapy

Cryoablation in the treatment of renal neoplasms

Targeted prostate biopsies with melting technique with MRI images

Overactive bladder


Bladder pain and chronic Pelviperineal pain

Engineering tissue for the three dimensional reconstruction of organs



Previous experience


2006 – 2015 Fiorentino Institute of Care and Support – Florence (FI) Italy

Responsible Urology form


2009 – 2015 Hospital San Raffaele Turro – Milano (MI) Italy



Scientific activities


2006 – ongoing

European Urology Editorial Board Member

Publications: M