• 2003 – 2005 Casaverde S.p.A./Sarit s.r.l/Salute in Rete, Milan Italy
    He was a consultant in the performance of the following functions and duties: 
    -Support and overall coordination in the health area. Management of relationships with third parties in health care. Preparation and processing of documentation, plans, projects and training programs. Management roles in the health area; 
    – In Health Management, in the field of Scientific Coordination of Operational and Action areas involving design, installation and commissioning of health services to residential and territorial planning, installation and commissioning of telemedicine services both, residential and territorial. He provided consultancy on the design, development and implementation of training programmes, operational prevention, combating  the phenomena of bioterrorism and at NBC events.
  • 1998 – 2003 Medicasa Ltd, Milan, Italy
    He was Chief Medical Officer of the Integrated Home Care Services