Doctor Federico Pessina is the Cranial Neurosurgey Unit Director.

Medical areas of interest: Brain tumors, glioblastomas, low grade gliomas, brain metastases, meningiomas, neuromas, cavernous angiomas, brain aneurysms. Surgical treatment with brain mapping techniques, awake and minimally invasive surgery of all central nervous system tumors.

Surgical treatment of highly complex tumors of the skull base and cranio-cervical hinge: meningiomas, neuromas, craniopharyngiomas, brain stem tumors. All the tumor pathologies described above are addressed after multidisciplinary multi-specialist evaluation.

The surgical approach is customized to the patient and to the type of lesion, making use of the most advanced intraoperative techniques for malignant brain tumors (neuronavigation, intraoperative neurophysiology, intraoperative CT) and more complex approaches (anterior, posterior and combined petroosectomies, minimally invasive accesses) for benign diseases of the skull base such as meningiomas and neuromas.

Research areas of interest: experimental protocols in the treatment of glioblastomas; prospective protocols in the treatment of brain metastases; role of surgical removal and integrated treatments in glioblastomas and malignant brain tumors; intracranial meningiomas; cadaver lab dissection.

Specialized training:

– 2007-2008: clinical fellow in neurosurgery (brain tumors and neurovascular) – CHUV – Universitè de Lausanne – Switzerland – (Supervisor Prof. L. Regli)

– 2018: fellow in cranial base tumor surgery – Hopital Lariboisiere – Paris – France – (Supervisor Prof. S. Froelich)

Doctor Pessina is also Member of the Scientific Committee of the European Association of Neuroncology (EANO).