Professor Stefano Respizzi is the Head of the Rehabilitation and Functional Recovery Unit in Humanitas Research Hospital.

He is specialized in orthopaedic rehabilitation and sport rehabilitation. In 1986, with some colleagues, he founded the Sports Medical Centre of Sesto San Giovanni. In 1988 he founded the GISMI (Italian Group of Study of Isokinetic Method), where he is also an advisor.

Medical areas of interest: orthopaedic rehabilitation, traumatology and sports rehabilitation, sports medicine, physical therapy.

Research areas of interest: orthopaedic rehabilitation, sports medicine, orthopaedics.

Previous experience:

  • 1991-1996 Orthopaedic Institute of Gaetano Pini, Italy
    Assistant Physiatrist
  • 1991-1991 Hospital of the Piemonte region , Italy
    Specialist doctor in sports medicine

In 1986, with some colleagues from Milan, he founded the Centro Medico Sportivo of Sesto San Giovanni, a facility recognized by Lombardia Region and dedicated to the release of certificates of fitness for practicing competitive sports.

He has been a consultant for the Italian Volleyball Federation.
In 1988 he founded GISMI (Gruppo Italiano Studio Metodiche Isokinetiche).
In 2002 he became managing director of Isokinetic Milano, one of the centers of the network of Isokinetic Sports Rehabilitation Centers.