Doctor Alberto Testori is the Associate Director of the Breast Unit at Humanitas Research Hospital since its opening in 1996.

His medical activity focuses on the oncological prevention of primitive and secondary neoplasms of lungs, on breast, chest walls and mediastinum neoplasms, on pleural mesothelioma, on pneumothorax hyperhidrosis (excess of sweating) and inguinal and abdominal walls hernias.

Doctor Testori is involved in a deep research activity, especially in nipple/skin sparing mastectomy, that is with the conservation of the complex areola-nipple, or with the only conservation of the skin and in lobectomies of the lung with minimally invasive access (videothoracoscopy) and, last but not least, in mesothelioma surgery without lung excision.

He has performed over 3,000 operations of thoracic oncology, breast surgery, minimally invasive thoracic and generic surgery, nipple/skin sparing mastectomy, lung-sparing lobectomy, mesothelioma, with videothoracoscopy approach and more than 1,300 interventions in outpatient regimen.

Current Teaching Activity: Doctor Testori teaches at University of Milan since 2006 and he participates to many national and international congresses, covering fellowships in various associations for lung and breast oncological surgery.

Also, he covers various positions:

  • Responsible of one room of Senology at the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer (LILT);
  • Owner of the room of General Surgery at the Association of Journalist in Lombardy;
  • Consultant surgeon for the Finance Police of Milan (1999-2000);
  • Consultant as chest surgeon both for visits and the execution of fibroscopies at Santa Rita Clinic in Milan (2000-2003);
  • Consultant of general surgery, thoracic surgery and senology in many polyspecialistic clinics;
  • Attendance certificate of the course of interventional bronchoscopy, led by Professor Dumond at the Hospital of Marseille;
  • Surgery consultant for the magazines Starebene. Essere and Benessere;
  • Attendance certificate of the Breast Milan Conference (2010, 2011).


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