Humanitas dates back to the second half of the 80s. In a meeting with Prof. Nicola Dioguardi, Pier Carlo Romagnoli, then President of Reale Mutua, Gianfelice Rocca and a group of entrepreneurs, the idea for creating a “modern and well-organized hospital with doctor-patient privileges” is born.



Techint leads a feasibility study with the participation of two specialized British companies, known as the WS ATKINS and BUPA – The British United Provident Association. Among the projects presented, the one chosen showed originality and was developed by architect James Gowan. Techint is assigned the design and construction of the hospital complex. Through preliminary studies, the catchment area is identified in the metropolitan area located in the South of Milan. The objective is to build a structure based on high-level skills and specialized expertise.



The construction of the hospital is completed. On March 4th, 1996, Humanitas opens its doors and welcomes its first patient.



An agreement with the National Health Service for hospitalization services is entered into force.



The Humanitas Foundation is created for the purpose of helping patients and their caregivers from a practical and psychological perspective.



Humanitas houses teaching at the University of Milan for Degrees in Nursing, Medicine and Biotechnology.



The Humanitas case study is presented to the MBA students from Harvard University. The hospital is the first Italian General Hospital to obtain accreditation of excellence issued by the International Joint Commission (one of the most important institutions for the certification of hospital quality).



Inauguration of the Humanitas Emergency and Radiotherapy areas.



Humanitas is recognized by the Ministry of Health as an Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Healthcare (IRCCS). The Humanitas Foundation for Research is created.



Inauguration of the new Research and Education Center.



Humanitas hosts the International Medical School in collaboration with the University of Milan.



The steady growth of the Impact Factor (2012: 2.250) places the hospital among the first Italian Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care (IRCCS).



New facilities are formed and diagnostics are expanded.



Humanitas University is created and it is dedicated to medical science.



Construction of the new university campus is underway.