What is a back pain examination? 

A back pain examination is a critical step to diagnose, rule out, or monitor a matter that results in pain, and difficulty moving, in this part of the body. It is performed by a medical specialist in neurosurgery, or a doctor who specializes in the study and treatment of disorders in the spine.


What is the purpose of a back pain examination?

The purpose of the visit is to identify the cause of back pain that may have originated from muscle damage such as contractures, strains, or tears, from a damaged joint such as herniated disc and arthritis, from bone damage, as well as damage to the nervous system or spine.


How is a back pain examination carried out?

The doctor will initially ask the patient about the symptoms they are experiencing and any measures they have taken to relieve them. The specialist will then examine the posture and range of movement of the patient, along with observing the curvature and alignment of the spine. The doctor will also conduct a neurological examination with the help of appropriate tests, through which the patient's reflexes and muscle strength are tested. Once the examination is concluded the specialist will either make a diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment, or request that the patient have more tests done for further evaluation such as an X-ray, CAT scan, MRI, bone scan, electromyography, or myelography.


Are there any guidelines for preparation?

There are no standards of preparation. It is advised that the patient brings along any tests carried out previously related to the issue at hand.