Who can undergo this type of examination?

Humanitas LAB has designed a course dedicated to all individuals who wish to pursue sports racing (B1). Humanitas specialists do a diagnostic checkup.



Why undergo this type of examination?

Sports racing is an athletic activity that requires skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. Before engaging in any sports activities, it is necessary to verify one’s suitability to that specific type of sport and be issued with a certificate, guaranteeing eligibility and qualification. For individuals who wish to pursue something more, Humanitas LAB has designed “Checkup: Sports racing”, a course dedicated to detailed analysis and rigorious cardiolgy evaluation. Humanitas specialists perform this course with utmost professionalism and quality at its highest level.



  • Tutor doctor on immediate disposal
  • Certificate for fitness sports (racing)
  • Possibility for follow-up appointments with Humanitas dedicated staff members



When to undergo this type of examination?

This course is available on Monday.



What does this type of examination entail?

This examination includes:


  • Sports medicine visit: Consultancy with primary care sports medicine physicians on injury prevention and performance enhancement.
  • Spirometry: A pulmonary function test used to measure lung function specifically by how much air an individual inhales, how much air is exhaled and how quickly air is exhaled.
  • Urine test: a routine examination designed to detect any abnormalities in the urine by checking red and white blood cells.
  • Agonistic release certificate: A certificate designed to show an individual does not express any violent or aggressive behavior and permit them to continue perusing a certain activity (ex: sports racing)
  • Bicycle ergometer exercise testing: By using an electrocardiogram, the operator can record the individual’s heart activity before, during and after physical effort on a tool similar to an exercise bike