What is ECO fusion?


ECO fusion, or ultrasonography with casting technique, is a test that uses innovative information generated mainly by nuclear magnetic resonance and ultrasound, which merges and superimposes the two images. In this way it provides a three-dimensional representation of organs and in particular the prostate gland.


What is the purpose of ECO fusion?

ECO Fusion provides precise topographic accuracy of the site of a potentially malignant lesion and through a system of coordinates it pinpoints the accurate position of the injury itself. It is therefore a revolutionary technique because it determines precise locations for biopsies instead of performing random biopsies, which are currently used for early detection of prostate cancer.


How is ECO fusion performed?

During the execution of a simple ultrasound, a small ultrasound probe is inserted through the rectum. The images obtained are combined, in real time, to the pre-recorded images obtained by nuclear, multiparametric magnetic resonance. In this way the doctor can perform a biopsy if necessary. 

Which patients can undergo the exam?

There are no contraindications to the general ultrasound but there may be some contraindications to the nuclear magnetic resonance. In general, these exams are useful for patients who have a risk of prostate cancer and prefer to do a biopsy.

Is the exam painful and/or dangerous?

Ultrasound is a painless test and it is not dangerous for the patient.


Preparation standards

The preparation standards can vary relative to the purpose of the ultrasound.