Intragastric balloon consists in the gastroscopic insertion of a deflated balloon in the stomach (without any need for general anesthetic), after which the balloon is filled with air or liquid to a volume of 500-700 cc. The patient experiences satiety sooner, which helps in following a strict diet. The device must always be removed about 6 months later: it often serves as the preparation for a subsequent operation, since it is easily followed by the recovery of any weight that was lost. 

Individuals are offered a multidisciplinary approach to this illness and the possibility of qualified bariatric surgery, including several different types of operations. 

The Obesity Center features its own bariatric team: a group of professionals dedicated to treating this illness (nutritionists, endocrinologists, psychologists, dieticians, surgeons) and working together at the Humanitas Hospital, where various equipment and facilities are dedicated to obese individuals and where various top-level specializations are applied to the treatment of obesity in complete safety: anesthesia, intensive therapy, radiology, endoscopy, reconstructive plastic surgery, physiatrics.