Humanitas was one of the first hospitals to equip itself with Stereotaxis, a sophisticated robotic navigation system, still quite limited to a few health care organizations in Italy and worldwide, which allows to treat cardiac arrhythmias and to deliver therapies that are based on cardiac electrostimulation. Stereotaxis Robotic Navigation system makes use of two huge magnets which move around in the operating theater and allow to guide a catheter with metal tip into the patient's body: the physician will direct the system's movements through a joystick from a sophisticated control room. One of the most relevant benefits of this system is the possibility to achieve a 3D reconstruction of the surgical area whereby the physician can move around the patient's body with unparalleled precision. Starting from a 3D body map, the physician will use a satellite navigation system, called CARTO MERGE, to insert and catheters with the utmost precision.