The Cardiac Surgery Unit deals with adult cardiac pathologies and in particular: treating ischemic cardiomyopathy carrying out coronary by-passes with multiple arterial ducts, with or without the help of extracorporeal circulation (in this case the operation is carried out without stopping the heart) even through small surgical incisions (minitoracotomia), reoperating coronary bypasses, using techniques to remodel the left ventricle and repair a faulty mitral valve when the heart has suffered ischemic damage; valvulopathy surgery both replacing and surgically repairing mitral and aortic valves (the team has gained a great deal of experience in operations to replace ascending aortic aneurysms preserving and repairing the native aortic valve); these operations are performed both traditionally and through mini incisions (through a surgical incision of under 10 centimeters both in minitoracotomia and ministernotomia) with the help of videoscopy; the resulting repair is ultrasound scanned during the operation to optimise the result; surgical atrial fibrillation treatment even in association with valvular surgery; treating aneurysms of the thoracic aorta using both traditional surgical techniques, as well as endoprosthesis that does not require the chest to be opened; congenital cardiomyopathy surgery both at an atrial level and tumours involving the heart; these operations are also perfomed via minitoracotomia and video-assisted surgery. Moreover the team has developed a great deal of experience in medium and long term circulatory assistance, using mechanical assist devices (implantable and paracorporeal VADs) for patients that develop serious left ventricular dysfunction.