The Department of Radiology, headed by Dr. Luca Balzarini, is able to perform all conventional radiographic examinations, as well as radiography with contrast medium, such as examinations of the gastrointestinal tract, urography. To that end, the Department uses eight diagnostic rooms, as well as two rooms dedicated to breast cancer diagnostics, equipped with digital mammography and ultrasound, allowing to perform targeted breast biopsies (Mammotome). What is more, the team performs CT scan examinations of all the sections of the body, using the volumetric technique on four multilayer devices (also used for vascular and coronary studies). The Department also relies on MRI imaging, to provide valuable diagnostic contribution to the treatment of neurological, orthopedic, cardiac, vascular, and other conditions. The team has five MRI devices at its disposal, with varying field strengths from 1T to 3T, as well as an open MRI machine for claustrophobic patients.

What is more, the radiology unit at the Humanitas Emergency Room has a digital X-ray and a 6-layer multislice CT scan, able to respond to any urgent diagnostic need.