The Department of Radiology, headed by Dr. Romano Lutman, sees around 4,000 patients annually and is able to perform all conventional radiographic examinations (examination of the skeleton and thorax) and radiography with contrast medium (examinations of the gastrointestinal tract, urography). For this purpose, the unit uses 8 diagnostic rooms and an OPT device, a device that studies the axial skeleton with low-dose technique (EOS), 2 rooms dedicated to the breast unit equipped with digital mammography and ultrasound available for elective diagnosis and screening with ability to perform targeted breast biopsies (Mammotome). Moreover, all anatomical structures are evaluated through a CT scan with a volumetric technique through multi-layered equipment (also used for studies of the vascular and coronary regions). The MRI provides a very important diagnostic contribution in several diseases, mainly neurological, orthopedic, cardiac and vascular diseases.

The service now has 5 devices at different field strengths from 1T to 3T, and one open MRI apparatus for the examination of claustrophobic patients.  The radiology-office at the emergency room has a digital X-ray unit and a multislice 6 layers CT scan, able to cope with any diagnostic need in urgency. The Unit is fully digitized.