The Department of Otorhinolaryngology performs over 1,100 surgeries and sees over 10,000 patients annually.

The work of the Department covers all ENT sub-specialities in both the diagnostic and the therapeutic spheres, with the specialists adopting minimally-invasive surgical methods that enable a reduction of the patients’ length of stay. In the outpatients’ domain, the doctors actively use video-endoscopy and microscopy to achieve early diagnosis and careful assessment of surgery candidates.

The surgeons also use the most modern equipment, such as lasers, microdebriders, and intra-operative monitoring of cranial nerves for both otologic and otoneurologic microsurgery (for chronic otitis, cholesteatoma, otosclerosis, acoustic neuroma, vertigo surgery, cochlear implants in adults, and semi-implantable digital prostheses), as well as for functional endoscopic surgery of the nose and paranasal sinuses. The Department also employs this technology for the micro-endoscopic surgery of juvenile fibrosarcoma and the anterior cranial base (CSF fistulas, neoplasms, etc.), as well as for microscopic surgery of the lateral cranial base, and surgery on the salivary glands.

The Department surgeons also perform oncological surgery, for the tumours of the head and neck, following collaborative multi-disciplinary assessment of each individual patient’s case. The ENT Department also works with the School of ENT Specialisation of the University of Pavia and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Insubria.