The Autonomous Section of Emergency Neurology and Stroke Unit is mainly concerned with problems related to ischemic stroke or acute haemorrhage, treating over 4,000 patients each year. providing an emergency/urgent diagnostic classification (through specific examinations such as CT scan or MRI of the brain, MRI angiography or CT angiography, Ecocolor Doppler and Transcranial Doppler TSA), neurological evaluation (NIHSS and neurological scales such as the modified Rankin scale) and overall clinical assessment, as well as the administration of the most appropriate treatments that also relate to the timeliness of entry into the Hospital.

The Stroke Unit (or Cerebrovascular Care Unit) is equipped with twelve beds that are monitored and dedicated to the management of the patient who has suffered a stroke and coordinates the work of multi-professional team that includes neurologists, nurses, rehabilitation therapists and a speech therapist. The stroke unit is the most advanced model and effective treatment of acute cerebrovascular disease and the only one able to significantly reduce mortality and disability caused by the disease. The Section also accepts cases of Neurological Emergency such seizures, transient disturbances of consciousness, syncope, headache and acute confusion states. The efficient hospital organization in the Emergency Department and the Autonomous Section offers optimum support to acute neurological patients.

The Unit participates in the Regional Network SUN Lombardia (Stroke Unit Network) since January 2007 has enabled the register of the 31 Stroke Unit Lombard.