The clinical and scientific activities of the Department of General and Digestive Surgery, which collaborates with Humanitas University, are focused in particular on the study and treatment of Hepatobiliary, pancreatic and colorectal diseases, both malignant and benign. The team performs over 650 surgeries and sees over 3000 patients annually.

The active sections that are part of the Operating Unit include:

  • General Surgery and Day Surgery
  • Emergency Surgery

And the Operating Units of Colon and Rectal Surgery and Pancreatic Surgery.

The Unit also applies minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical techniques for the treatment of neoplastic diseases. In selected cases, nowadays  it is now possible to proceed with laparoscopic liver resection with obvious advantages in the postoperative course.

There are also laparoscopic treatment techniques for interstitial and non-interstitial conditions (specifically, radiofrequency ablation in which the Operating Unit has the largest national experience) in patients with cancer who are not eligible for surgical resection.

The major pancreatic resections for neoplasia are applied for malignant and benign tumors; for these, the unit also uses laparoscopic resection with or without preservation of the spleen.