The Department of Gynecology, led by Pr. Domenico Vitobello, focuses on diagnostics and medical and surgical treatment of all gynecological disorders, including benign and malignant tumors, performing over 700 operations and seeing over 22,500 patients annually.

The team has considerable experience in laparoscopic and robotic (with the Da Vinci system) surgery, which is superior to traditional surgical approaches, reducing post-operative pain, complications, and hospital length of stay. For instance, the Department relies on the minimally invasive techniques to treat benign disorders of the ovaries and salpinx, endometriosis, uterine disorders (myomectomy or hysterectomy, when possible), and genital prolapse in young women. Laparoscopic surgery is also a preferred method for treating cancers, including uterine and cervical cancer and “borderline” ovarian cancers.

Other gynecological pathologies can be treated vaginally or laparotomically (through a cut in the abdomen). For instance, the removal of the uterus (for genital prolapse or, in selected cases, for fibroids or other pathologes) can be performed vaginally. Conversely, laparotomy route is reserved for patients with genital neoplasms, for whom laparoscopic and robotic surgery are not feasible or recommended.

The team’s outpatient activity includes a 360° pathway for diagnostics and treatment, divided into sections specialized in general gynecology (standard appointment with PAP test), ultrasound (abdominal or trans-vaginal, hysterosonography), colposcopy/vulvoscopy, uro-gynecology and onco-gynecology.